Supergirl Starz: Cyborg Superman

A few weeks ago there was a “bombshell” announcement that Jimmy Olsen would be appearing in the upcoming CBS Supergirl tv-show as a black man trying to date Supergirl’s alter ego. This was in the comic website news for a few days but quickly went away.

Today two more actors were cast in the Supergirl Tv-Show – the characters Hank Henshaw and Alex Danvers. This brings two books into the comic book speculation picture.

The Adventures of Superman 500 – Hank Henshaw becomes Cyborg Superman – This book has so many variants and arguably started the 90’s comic collector’s trade, with the death of superman storyline. This book should be largely ignored in reference to Supergirl speculation.


The Adventures of Superman #466 – This book features the first appearance of Hank Henshaw – and sells for around $20 online. This book can still be found in long boxes for under $10 – but it takes some digging. This book has the most potential out of all the books so far to explode in value – depending on how this character is used in the series. So far he’s stated as a villain which is great news!

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