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So I talked about this briefly last month, but next week sees the release of the new Howard the Duck series with an all-new Gwen-Pool (Gwen Stacy / Deadpool Mashup) back-up story. There appears to be five variant covers for this book (pending release date November 4 2015) but the clear winner already is the Howard the Duck Volume 6

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Weird Hollywood: TV Catch Up

Bruno Heller Showrunner for the Fox Gotham TV-Show announced this week that this second season of the TV-Show will see the introduction of the Court of Owls characters. First introduced in the New 52 by Scott Snyder, the Court of Owls first appears in Batman #5. Currently a $20 book – this book is sure to see an increase of interest

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Week in Review: August 7

Nothing big has happened in the last few weeks but there are a few pieces of small news surrounding hollywood comic book optioning that will fill this post. Today bleedingcool wrote a post about Image’s series Oddly Normal, announcing it had been optioned for an animated TV-Show. Oddly Normal was originally printed by Viper Comics before a hiatus and a Image

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Week In Review: July 9 , 2015

This week a new walking dead book came out with huge spoilers. But there are a few other things I haven’t talked about that I would like to highlight. This week Dark Horse Comics announced right before SDCC that they have partnered with Universal Cable Productions to develop a few of their properties into TV-shows. There are three titles in

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IMAGE WATCH: Head Lopper #1

I want to start off by giving a shout out to Nick Borelli! Head Lopper is a self-published book by Andrew Maclean that was originally published in 2013. Head Lopper issue #2 was successfully funded through Kick-Starter. Image announced two days ago through there September solicitations the reprinting of both issue 1 and 2 in a 96 page $5.99 #1 issue

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Week In Review: June 17 , 2015

This week sees another Vertigo / Mad Max book being released, Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa. I talked about the pervious Mad Max Vertigo title here. Max Max Fury Road Furiosa #1 is a one-shot that has sold out at Diamond days before it was to be released ( on June 17). This book is already selling for $10 in

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