Week in Review: August 7

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Nothing big has happened in the last few weeks but there are a few pieces of small news surrounding hollywood comic book optioning that will fill this post.

Today bleedingcool wrote a post about Image’s series Oddly Normal, announcing it had been optioned for an animated TV-Show. Oddly Normal was originally printed by Viper Comics before a hiatus and a Image Comics relaunch, making the VIPER Comics series the one to look for. Prices are kind of all over the place on ebay for the Viper series, but it should still be reasonably priced in the wild. Oddly Normal #1 from Viper Comics is the clear winner. (I did talk about this book previously here)

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Anther book that had hollywood movement is Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. This week Sony pictures announced a January 13, 2017 intended release date for the upcoming Marvel Comics adaption. The Dark Tower is a popular series of Stephen King books that were adapted and a prequel with creative direction from King were released by Marvel Comics in 2007, followed by numerous compilations and follow-up stories. The book to look for is the first book Stephen King’s Dark Tower The Gunslinger’s Born #1. This book has a few variants and the one to look for, which can still be found for fairly reasonable prices is the Book Market RRP Variant cover. This particular variant  had 500 – 1000 copies released. This book has a lot of moving room – but the one to look for is Stephen King’s Dark Tower The Gunslinger’s Born #1, first print or variant covers, with the Book Market RRP being the clear winner.


The last piece of comic related news to come out this week is about the recent Gambit castings. There has been some weird rumours surrounding Channing Tatum accepting the role long term or only appearing briefly as the character but as it currently stands Channing Tatum is set to play Gambit in the upcoming X-Men film AND have a spin-off “Gambit – origin” film. Right now there are casting calls to fill a Belladonna character. Bella Donna Boudreaux first appeared in the Marvel universe In X-Men #8 (1990). She was a love interest / ally in the comics so i’m sure that will be her role in the film. Her first appearance can be found in dollar bins and is currently very undervalued but that is sure to change as more news comes out about the Gambit film. This is a book to be looking for and holding onto.

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Thank you Chris Bailey on facebook for the correction!

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  • There are two different Bella Donna in the marvel universe. I would assume the one to appear in the Gambit movie would be Bella Donna Boudreaux who first appeared in X-men 8 vol 2.

  • Man…That 1990’s X-Men #8 was soooooo heavily printed. Like 300,000-ish. I’ll be VERY surprised if it goes over $10.

  • Bella Donna was more than a “love interest” she was Remy’s wife. Also, she was hardly an “ally” to the X-Men. Mostly coil and a plot device to get Gambit in trouble.

    And the previous poster noted, that book was massively produced. Add that to a lame forth tier character to a spin-off flick after this weekend’s abysmal FF and you’ve got a book that isn’t moving out of the dollar bins.

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