Patrick Gleason’s “Webhead” cover for Carnage Black, White and Blood #1

Marvel is already trying to recapture the buzz they had with the first print of Amazing Spider-Man #55 by releasing a similar cover by Patrick Gleason for an upcoming title.

We already discussed the second printing and second printing ratio variant for the Patrick Gleason cover for ASM #55 – well today Marvel announced another of what Marvel is calling a “webhead” cover. This new cover and even this new label of “webhead” for this kind of cover really cements the longevity of the ASM #55 first print – which since publication has only continued to increase in value.

This new Gleason cover is for Carnage Black, White, and Blood #1 which is released in March. I would have to assume Patrick Gleason will be offering a virgin exclusive variant cover of this artwork on his website like with the first and second printings of Amazing Spider-Man #55. While this particular cover isn’t my cup of tea, I think it would fit nice as a set with the first and second printings of ASM #55 – which I think, based on cover art alone, have great long term potential.

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