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Patrick Gleason’s “Webhead” cover for Carnage Black, White and Blood #1

Check out the newly announced Patrick Gleason “Web-Head” cover from Marvel!

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Playing by the Numbers – Dark Horse Presents

Dark Horse Presents was the first comic book published by Dark Horse Comics. The series went through several volumes and introduced readers to many of the Dark Horse Comic properties. With Dark Horse inking a first look with Netflix for developing their various comic book properties I thought it would be a good time to examine and explore a few

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Week in Review: June 12

    In Marvel’s infinite wisdom this week they have released two new secret chase variant covers. These books feature “bloody” trade dress variants. The books in question are Symbiote Spider-Man #3 and this week’s War of the realms tie in issue of Venom #15. Previously Marvel did this for Avengers #682 and Venom #7. These variants are currently selling

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This Week in Comic Speculation Podcast: Easter Egg First Appearances

Join Jimmy as he looks at Comic Book Easter Egg first appearances. This week he looks at the first comic book appearance of Donny Cates and the first comic book appearance of the main character of Rags from Antarctic Press. Make sure to like the video and subscribe to our channel!         Make sure to check out

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Word?!?! First appearance of Donny Cates’ New Silver Surfer: THE FALLEN ONE

This was first pointed out this week by Jims Comics on youtube. Last month Marvel announced a new Donny Cates series titled Silver Surfer: Black. This series is going to expand on the Silver Surfer story from his run on the Thanos title focused around the new Fallen One, Silver surfer character. This has pushed many speculators to try to

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