Word?!?! First appearance of Donny Cates’ New Silver Surfer: THE FALLEN ONE

This was first pointed out this week by Jims Comics on youtube.

Last month Marvel announced a new Donny Cates series titled Silver Surfer: Black. This series is going to expand on the Silver Surfer story from his run on the Thanos title focused around the new Fallen One, Silver surfer character. This has pushed many speculators to try to establish the first appearance of this character.

This new character, Norrin Radd – The Fallen one – first appeared on the last page on Thanos #15 from 2018. This book has gone into four printings, with the fourth printing using the last page pin-up as the fourth print variant cover. While the fourth print has been selling for $30 to $40, the first print has also been commanding a high price on the secondary market, selling around the $40 level.

There has been some speculative discussions about the merits of Thanos #17. Since Thanos #17 was released before the fourth print of Thanos #15 some have tried to say this is the first appearance of this new character. At best, Thanos #17’s first print and subsequent store variants are first cover appearances, but since this character also appears in Thanos #16, which would be regarded as the first full appearance of this character, I don’t believe Thanos #17 has any real speculative value.


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