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Word?!?! First appearance of Donny Cates’ New Silver Surfer: THE FALLEN ONE

This was first pointed out this week by Jims Comics on youtube. Last month Marvel announced a new Donny Cates series titled Silver Surfer: Black. This series is going to expand on the Silver Surfer story from his run on the Thanos title focused around the new Fallen One, Silver surfer character. This has pushed many speculators to try to

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Weekend Update with Nico

  Welcome to the first installment of your Weekend Update.  It is a pleasure to consult with the talented staff of comicbookspeculation.com, and I am looking forward to a long relationship.  This weekly article will attempt to highlight some of the more important happenings in the world of comics.   The week started off with a bang on Sunday when

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Stan Lee’s First appearance in Comics

I found out about this comic from a thread on the CGC chat boards which had me do some researching where I stumbled upon this blog post from Good Girl Comics. There has been a lot of debate recently about the importance of various comic books related to Stan Lee. In the past few months we’ve seen a rush on

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Magazine Speculation Part 5: Foom Magazine

This article is an excerpt from the Comic Book Scalping video series, “This week in Speculation.” This article originally appeared in episode 8. This video and more can be found on our youtube channel. A few weeks ago I highlighted Marvelmania magazine but this week I want to focus on Magazine that replaced Marvelmania when it was inevitably cancelled. It

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Word?!?! Oblivion Song

Oblivion Song is a new on-going series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Skybound Comics. Any time Robert Kirkman has a new series out there is usually a lot of hype behind it, the last time Kirkman released a new on-going series, Thief of Thieves, first prints sold out at the distributor level and the book was quickly “optioned”

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