Stan Lee’s First appearance in Comics

I found out about this comic from a thread on the CGC chat boards which had me do some researching where I stumbled upon this blog post from Good Girl Comics.

There has been a lot of debate recently about the importance of various comic books related to Stan Lee. In the past few months we’ve seen a rush on various Stan Lee photo covers, comics with covers that feature Stan Lee and of course Stan Lee’s final published work. But there is one book that hasn’t really been discussed and that would be Stan Lee’s first published appearance inside of a comic book.


While Stan was featured on the cover of 1950’s Black Rider #8, there is one book that predates the 1950 publishing date where Stan Lee is featured prominently in the comic’s story. That book is Margie #36.

Margie first appeared in 1946’s Comedy Comics #34. Margie took over the title with issue #35. Margie is a typical good-girl character* and her title fell into the Marvel Romance category. Margie #36 features the title character going to the Timely Comics offices to meet with Stan Lee who takes her out on a date. Stan is featured in several panels of the story.


Margie #36 was published in June of 1947, considering the publication date and the books genre, this won’t be an easy book to track down but it is definitely a book to be thinking about. The last copy that sold on Heritage Auctions sold in 2014 in a grouping of issue #36, 37 and 38 for $240.

Stan Lee has an earlier appearance in Terry-Tones Comics #12 published in 1943. Since this is a one panel appearance and doesn’t pertain to the comic books story, I would consider the Margie #36 to be more desirable. Thanks Mel V for pointing that out.


*What are Good-Girl Characters and Comics? Read more about them here.

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