Week in Review: January 6, 2021 – A New Year and a new Beginning

It’s 2021 and I am back with an all new Week in Review! These past few weeks have been great for the Wednesday warrior community and this week that trend continues.

Starting with DC comics – this week the comic book community is seeing the introduction of the DC Future State Universe – showing a glimpse into the not so distant future with an all new slate of characters including a new Batman and Wonder Woman. While this week sees the first issues of Future State Batman and Future State Wonder Woman #1 – the book getting the speculator market attention is Dark Night Death Metal #7.

Within the pages of Dark Night Death Metal #7 are several one off panels showing new characters – one of them is the new Wonder Woman character – this is a one panel appearance. While some stores did receive their copies of Dark Night Death Metal #7 last week – the stated date of release is January 5 – meaning it has the same publishing date as Future State Wonder Woman #1 – which has a much more substantial appearance of this new character.

While the Future State Wonder Woman #1 isn’t selling above its $3.99 cover price, Dark Night Death Metal #7 has exploded online. Dark Night Death Metal #7 is the last issue of this mini-series that leads up to and into the new Future Shock event which could make this one panel appearance in its pages the real first appearance of this character. Dark Night Death Metal #7 has a few open order covers – the real winner being the Cover A featuring two versions of Wonder Woman and artwork by Greg Capullo. There is also a 1:100 black and white sketch version of this cover which should also be a real talking point this week.

The entire speculator community has been consumed with Star Wars speculation ever seen the Disney Investor Day Presentation in early December of 2020 when several Star Wars related television and movie projects were announced. One of the projects announced was The Acolyte, which has been described as “a mystery-thriller that will take viewers into a galaxy of shadowy secrets and emerging dark-side powers in the final days of the High Republic era.”

We first discussed the High Republic Star Wars series when it was announced back in February of last year but since the investor call – the first issue of the new Star Wars High Republic book – due out this week – has been on fire, even going into a second printing before the release of the first. The first issue has a few variant covers and I think the regular cover A as well as the 1:25 variants are going to be the real winners for this series. 

This issue will introduce readers to an entire new world and have quite a few first appearances. The currently unreleased second and third issues are also worth looking into if you’re chasing Star Wars first appearances as well as the IDW published Star Wars High Republic Adventures #1 due out in February. 

One last book I want to talk about is the Donny Cates Image series Crossover. Crossover #3 is due out this week and while there has been speculation of what image comic book characters are going to be revised by Cates – most speculators are looking at the Todd Mcfarlane Cover B variant. It was recently discovered that this issue has several “secret variant” covers – not unlike the release of the first issue – where the comic book being read on the cover switches to various Image Comic book number 1’s including Spawn, Savage Dragon and Nowhere Men. All together seven “secret” covers were discovered.

Most of these “secret” variants have been selling well online – with sets of all seven covers selling for $60 to $70. It is also worth mentioning that this issue has a beautiful one in one-hundred ratio sketch variant featuring the Todd Mcfarlane artwork. This book has completed sales ranging from $150 to $200. 

That’s it for your week in review! Let me know in the comment section if you think I overlooked something! Thanks for joining me!

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