Amazing Spider-Man #55 Second Print and Second Print Ratio Variant

Closing out 2020 Marvel released Amazing Spider-Man #55. Amazing Spider-Man #55 features artwork by Patrick Gleason – who offered a virgin cover art variant on his website. This book quickly sold out and went into a second printing – with copies of the first print selling for around $25.

Earlier today Marvel announced a ratio variant for the second printing. While the second printing will feature a red coloured spider-man with a black background, the newly announced 1:50 ratio variant will be a black and white cover, an inverted colour version of the original first print.

Final Order cut off closes on the second print on January 11, 2021 – with the book hitting comic book stores on February 3, 2021.

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  • Ughhh…that 1:50 will kill any real spec on the 2nd print. The print run will be very large. The first print will be the way to go long term.

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