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  • would you know the print runs for the black science #1 variants especially the image expo variant?

    • Image mandates that all variants have to be atleast 1,000 – since it was a free with ticket purchase to the Image Expo, I wouldn’t be surprised it if was in the area of 3,000.

      • thank you…would that print number fall in line with the other BS variants like Hastings, Midtown, Ghost…

      • In my experience with putting together variants, Image store (not through Diamond) Variants all have a print run of 1,000. Midtown for the most part follows the 1,000 print run for Image books, there is the occasional title where they order more, however with Ghost and forbidden Planet the print runs are always 1,000 when the publisher is Image.

      • got an email from Image Comics about the BS #1 Image Expo variant print run…750 copies… so technically would that make it the lowest print run from the other store variants which you mentioned would be at least a thousand copies each? 🙂

      • Wow thats surprising. Looks like the Image Expo Variant is the way to go!

  • Do you know how many copies there are of Hellboy, The Fury #3 Virgin cover? I heard only 150 but I can’t imagine Darkhorse would really print so few.

    • The variant for That series was an incentive variant so I’m not sure if a print run will ever be released but I wouldn’t be surprised if 150 was the print run. Recalled Comics (a site I recommend) has a nice write up about the book, http://www.recalledcomics.com/HellboyTheFury3Variant.php – but in short, Hellboy single issues don’t have a large fan following and don’t sell well in comic store when compared to other monthly series, so an incentive cover thats 1:20 where most retailers didn’t qualify isn’t surprising and would result in a low print collector item. Plus Since it was a mini-series most true fans were probably waiting for the TPB or HC which would also result in a lower print, especially on issue 2 and 3.

  • I’m trying spec out key characters from the Batman Beyond universe. You think its dumb or possible potential? Was thinking Blight vol 1 #3 and Inque vol 1 #6 What say you?

    • Its just a weird question lol.
      I don’t think its a good idea. Batman Beyond #1 can still be found for way under $20 at most comic conventions. I was at C2E2 and found one for $4. That is the book you want to find! Even if you were to pay $150 or less for a CGC 9.8 copy of a Batman Beyond #1 it would triple in value before any other Batman Beyond oriented characters.
      Plus the Futures end storyline is only projected to be in the future five years and than will some how bring Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnis) into the new 52. Its going to be weird, but any Batman Beyond sub-characters are only going to appear in maybe one or two books in the future.

      So yeah – Buy Batman Beyond #1 – its just going to go up.

  • I been doing research on the 1st apperance of harley quinn. I see there was a book called batman almost got im which was published August 1993. Batman adventures 12 was publish September 1993. So does that makes almost got I’m her 1st true apperance . Don’t know if u cover this before but I think it will be great too

    From the U.S. Copyright Office records:

    Type of Work: Sound Recording and Text
    Registration Number / Date: SR0000180351 / 1993-08-16
    Application Title: Tale ?n? tape : no. 14376.
    Title: Almost got ?im!
    Description: Sound cassette + ill. booklet.
    Series: Batman, the animated series
    Notes: Based on animated television series.
    Copyright Claimant: � ℗ DC Comics, Inc. (employer for hire)
    Date of Creation: 1993
    Date of Publication: 1993-08-10
    Basis of Claim: New Matter: text; artwork; recording.

    Names: DC Comics, Inc.


    That’s the book

  • Sonic was previewed in Superman 62 as well!

  • did u check out Enormous #1 by 214 ink extremely low print run about Giant Monsters among us…also Spread #1 by Image Third Eye Variant homage to Walking Dead #19

    • working on a post involving Enourmous now-
      Spread #1 cover A is probably a good pick but store variants are usually good investments speculation-wise. Unless of course you’re buying them at cover. (than its a easy $10 flip)

      • also worth checking out that was released July 2nd 2014 is Scum of the Earth #1 cover B variant. Its being posted for $40 buy now or start bidding at 19.99 what a jump in one day not to many to choose from yet…Let me know what you think about this low print comic

  • can you please confirm the print run for Low #1 SDCC…have heard that most of the 500 copies were damaged at the printers…thanks

  • If the Five Ghosts series starts filming in January, when do the books reach peak value?

  • Hi, I am wondering where the best place to sell my comic books is? I have tried posting a few of them on eBay, and I thought my prices were reasonably competitive … but it seems a lot of people lowball on there!? I live in a big city (Toronto, ON.) so there should be some places (either online or in person) since there are a lot of collectors here. Any suggestions might help … Thanks!

  • Thoughts on Spider-Man Annual #21 with the announcement of Renew Your Vows in June?

  • Hey, I was wondering why X-Men Origins Deadpool is going for so much on Ebay right now? It’s been a cover price book for years. Is it because of the movie?

  • I believe the amazing fantasy volume 2 #15 post should be amazing fantasy volume 3 #15. Might want to double check that.

  • Love your site Jimmy. I was able to catch a few I otherwise would have missed. Book markin’ ya.


  • just wanted your expert opinion, is cable&deadpool#50 a good investment
    Also a kirkman variant of back and black #1 deadpool&venom?
    thank you

  • Hi, how do you get the link to order the Animosity comics you doing as I want a set.

  • Comicbook Carnage

    Very usefull information !! Thank you all!!

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