Week in Review: August 26, 2020

Hello and welcome to the week in review on Comicbookspeculation.com – home of the original week in review – where we go over all of the hot books being released to comic book stores. Here are the books that I think are noteworthy that come out this week.

I expect this week to be dominated with discussion of the newly released Three Jokers series from DC Comics. The highly anticipated first issue is released this week and although it has a few higher end ratio variant covers, retailers should have anticipated demand and ordered very high on this book. This book is expected to feature new characters and set up various new storylines within the DC universe – we should also finally get answers about the identity of the Three Joker characters and where they fit into the DC Universe. I expect this to be a long term play book.

Another book that comes out this week that you should be aware of is Spawn #309. This book features the beginning of an all new storyline and based on the books solicitation the book is supposed to feature a few new characters. This is the first book of the series featuring interior artwork from Ken Lashley. This book has three covers, while the Cover A is a Frank Frazetta Death Dealer cover, the cover B Todd Mcfarlane cover features the Spawn Gunslinger character and has had multiple sales online ranging from $25 to $35. Making it what I would deem the book of the week.

That is your week in review! Let me know in the comments (or on social media)  what you think!


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