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SDCC Exclusive Comics Watch – Part 1

  Sleepy Jawn from the Comicbookwars podcast sent me this list of San Diego Comic Convention exclusives and we decided it would be a great article. So without furhter ado, here are the SDCC exclusive comics that are on Sleepy Jawns watch list. This is just the first part of his list that focuses on independent comic publishers.    Impact

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  This weeks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could be a game changer. It seems like this story has been going on for some time. In this issue the war to control the foot clan continues and a female member of the clan, Jennika, is impaled by Shredders granddaughter, Karai. Both of these characters are fighting for the leadership of the

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Week in Review: June 12

    In Marvel’s infinite wisdom this week they have released two new secret chase variant covers. These books feature “bloody” trade dress variants. The books in question are Symbiote Spider-Man #3 and this week’s War of the realms tie in issue of Venom #15. Previously Marvel did this for Avengers #682 and Venom #7. These variants are currently selling

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