UltraMaximums’ Must Read: Last Stand of the Wreckers

If you havn’t heard – Ultramaximus is obsessed with Transformers comic books. Here is an article about some Transformer books he thinks you should be looking for!

War is hell. Unless it’s Transformers.

When you can’t join em, WRECK ‘EM.


Some have called it the “Watchmen” of Transformers comics. I agree, but add in some of the plot of SAW and Aliens. Did that get your attention? This series will make you rethink how Transformers comics are written, and this series is important for a few reasons.
A Transformers story for those who don’t read Transformers, allow me to introduce everyone not in the know to this 5 issue mini-series, a read for anyone that wants a quick dabble into some quality combat. These are some really tough to find in the wild books due to the art and story quality. The 1st issue totals apparently had a short order run with ComiChron numbers* coming in at 8,862. A #1 2nd printing with the last page interior artwork reused also exists. Cover B’s are by Trevor Hutchison and the 1:10 RI’s are all Virgin Variants of cover B. The 1:10 RI variants for the series are next to impossible to find, proof is there is not even a full set in the CGC census. One benefit is the incentives are on the thicker cardstock that IDW used to use. While it is resilient, it does show scratches easily.

*What are Comichron Numbers?
Many collectors and speculators use the website comichron as a site to quote print runs. Most are misguided in the use of this website. Comichron lists how many copies of certain comic books are ordered and received by comic book retailers the first week of release – this means that unless a comic book sells out at distribution, which they seldom do, the numbers are some-what irrelevant. When retailers re-orders books from Diamond distribution, none of these numbers are counted or recorded by Comichron.  Comichron numbers can, however, be used to show how desirable and how undesirable certain titles were upon publication and release.

Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #1
Cover A Artwork:
Transformers- Last Stand of the Wreckers #1 COver ASpace

Cover B and 1:10 RI Virgin Variant Artwork


First, this is a combination plot/script between longtime Transformers artist Nick Roche, and James Roberts, both fan-fiction publishers from the UK. Roche has done a ton of IDW G1 Continuity books, Spotlight Shockwave was his 1st Transformers art. James on the other hand, had his fan fiction Transformers novel, Eugenesis, and had yet to have a go at the professional stuff authorized by Hasbro and IDW. They absolutely hit it out of the park with this story.

Secondly, If you plan on reading past LSOTW into IDW’s go at the Transformers license (12 years of books), these 2 will be synonymous with long plots. Their long game is absolutely astounding.

Ok, back to the series. Issue one shows war is hell. Hell’s name is Overlord.


The Decepticon squadron leader, Skyquake was in the middle of taking the Autobot prison known as Garrus-9 when Overlord swoops in, assumes command, and decides he wants to see pit fights like Megatron used to organize on Cybertron.

You want to play a game?

So how do the Autobots deal with a threat as serious as Overlord? They wait………almost 2 years before they send help. In their defense, the All Hail Megatron series had shown the Autobots were busy on Cybertron and Earth, and someone had betrayed them allowing Decepticons to roll over Autobot outposts all over the galaxy. No communication with Garrus-9 for a few years….So yeah….2 years later, we need to HURRY!!!


The Wreckers are Autobot Black Ops. Special Teams assembled to do a job that sometimes was taking out the enemy in inventive and gruesome ways, even for a robot with free will.


The rescue team assembles with some familiar faces of Springer, Kup and Perceptor, then some not so popular but recognizable to hardcore toy collectors who see certain European exclusives appearing in the pages of a story finally! Now the elite squad descends into the madness that is a former Autobot prison turned into a pit fighting arena, with a former Autobot prisoner named Impactor joining them at the end of issue #1 and causing tension with Springer, the current leader.
He has his reasons….



Impactor’s back story is key to the core of the team as we are shown in flashbacks to when he was on the hunt for Squadron X. Quite the wild ride. I cannot stress how well written this series is, and I recommend it even if you have never picked up a Transformers comic nor plan to ever again.

Issue #2’s RI Variant 


Issue #3 RI Variant 


Issue #4 RI


Issue #5 RI


The afterthoughts of this series is one to make a fan out of any casual reader.

While the Retail Incentives for the individual issues are rare themselves, there are a few IDW LIMITED Hardcover Collected Edition variants that have even more text written story that did not make the cut in the printed miniseries, and Nick Roche was able to reprise his writing of this epic story and plot set ups in a pair of sequels, “Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers” mini series and then “Requiem of the Wreckers” one shot. You should read those too.

Till All Are One! Thanks for reading!


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