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Week in Review: August 5, 2020

Welcome to the Week in Review – where we look at the books being released every week and highlight which ones have potential to heat up online.

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Weekend Update with Nico

The following article has been written by Comic Book Speculation Dot Com writer, Nico. This is your Weekend Update!   EC Rises Again     Big news for fans of pre-code horror and science fiction.  EC Comics, the legendary horror and science fiction publisher, inked a deal with production company Hivemind to produce a television series based on the classic EC

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Week in Review: December 19

This is a very small week for new release comic speculation. This week sees the release of the last issue of Source Point Press’s Ogre series. Source Point Press sold copies of this book at conventions before it was released through Diamond which has resulted in a few sales for Ogre #3 online, most of the sales range around $10.

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Week in Review: November 28

There is really one book to be looking for this week and following the most recent indie comic trend this book is published by Antarctic Press. Stars End #1 has sold out at the distributor and has multiple sales above $20. There is also a 1:10 variant cover that seems to be performing well online. This seems to be the

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Week In Review: November 14

There are two books that come out this week that you should be aware of. This week sees the release of Domino #8. This book features a Morbius the Living Vampire cover. This book has been selling online for $10 to $14. Another book that has been performing well online is the Rags #1 second printing. This book has sold

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