Week in Review: December 19

This is a very small week for new release comic speculation. This week sees the release of the last issue of Source Point Press’s Ogre series. Source Point Press sold copies of this book at conventions before it was released through Diamond which has resulted in a few sales for Ogre #3 online, most of the sales range around $10.


Another book that is selling well is the 1:25 variant cover for issue 25 of Darth Vader. This book features a cover by Gabrielle Dell’Otto and has a handful of preorder sales online ranging from $30 to $50.


A cover B open order variant that is getting noticed is the Jenny Frison cover for Grumble #2. This book is published by Eric Powell’s Albatross Comics and has been selling for $15 to $20 with some higher sales.



This week marvel released a list of books they would be reprinting as True Believer dollar issues to tie in with the upcoming Captain Marvel film. These books are to be released in February. While some of the books were very predictable there were a few surprises including three books that I believe are currently very undervalued. Some of the titles Marvel is reprinting include the Captain Marvel #1 issue where Carol Danvers takes on the title of her own series for the first time, X-Men #164 the first appearance of Binary, Ms Marvel #20 the first appearance of Ms. Marvel’s Warbird costume as well as Avengers Annual #10 the first appearance of Rouge – except the reprint is titled Captain Marvel Betrayed #1.

Another title being reprinted is Avengers #183. This book sells on average from $5 to $10, marvel has titled the reprint “True Believers Captain Marvel Avengers #1”. Two more very inexpensive books that are being reprinted are Marvel Team Up #62 and
Captain Marvel #41.


I’m not sure what the point is of reprinting books that have little desirability and that sell for under $10. I believe these books could have legs depending on how these story lines tie in with the Captain Marvel film. With these new reprint editions, it is my belief that these books will see an increase of interest in the coming months.


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