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Week in Review: August 21

Check out an all new week in review! Going over all the hot books that come out on August 21 2019!

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Week in Review: August 7

Welcome to the Week in Review – where we look at the books being released every week and highlight which ones have potential to heat up online.   I want to start by talking about a book I’m excited for, the first issue of Jeff Lemire’s new Dark Horse four part mini-series, Berserker Unbound.  This book has two covers including

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Week in Review: June 26

  This week sees the return of everybody’s favorite duck crusader, Darkwing Duck. This week sees the release of IDW’s Disney Afternoon Giant issue #5. This is the first time Darkwing Duck has been published by IDW. This is a $5.99 book and it reuses the cover artwork from the 2010 Boom Studios Darkwing Duck #1.   Another book that

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Week in Review: May 1

This week sees the release of the first issue of DC’s highly anticipated mini-series, Dceased. Dceased #1 doesn’t have any noteworthy sales but this Marvel Zombies rip-off series does have several store variants that are seeing a lot of attention on the secondary market. DC is also releasing the debut issue of “DC’s Year of the Villain“. This is a

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Week in Review: December 19

This is a very small week for new release comic speculation. This week sees the release of the last issue of Source Point Press’s Ogre series. Source Point Press sold copies of this book at conventions before it was released through Diamond which has resulted in a few sales for Ogre #3 online, most of the sales range around $10.

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Week in Review: December 5

In terms of speculation there are a few variant covers that are seeing a lot of attention, one of them is the Uncanny X-Men #4 1:100 Variant cover. This cover features artwork by Mark Brooks – this isn’t the first time this artwork was published, this cover is reused artwork from a 2010 Sideshow statue. This variant has been selling

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