Week in Review: August 7

Welcome to the Week in Review – where we look at the books being released every week and highlight which ones have potential to heat up online.


I want to start by talking about a book I’m excited for, the first issue of Jeff Lemire’s new Dark Horse four part mini-series, Berserker Unbound.  This book has two covers including a Mike Mignola cover B variant. Berserker Unbound is a barbarian story set in the modern world and based on the hot run Jeff Lemire has had recently this is a book I plan on picking up.

One Variant cover that comes out this week that I really like is the one in twenty five variant cover for Savage Avengers #4. This variant cover features a great portrayal of fan favorite character, The Punisher, by cover artist Simone Bianchi.




Another book that I am looking forward to is the new Source Point Press series, Dead End Kids. Dead End Kids #1 (released this week) sold out last week and has been selling online in presale for $12 to $16. This book has a few store variants but the first one that was released were the SDCC variant and the Anomoly Ben Templesmith variant covers – these two books have heated up a considerable amount online.

Coffin Bound#1 comes out this week from Image Comics. Coffin Bound #1 has multiple sales online around $10. Like most image series there was a preview ashcan that was sent to retailers but this book also has a hand-made limited to 400 (and all of the copies are numbered) special ashcan that could only be purchased at conventions from the books creators – Both of these are books you should keep an eye out for.


News broke in May that Red 5’s new series Dark Age had been optioned for a television series. While this book had a FCBD preview book and a Diamond Summit retailer preview ashcan there is still a lot of buzz around this weeks release of the series first issue. Dark Age #1 is currently selling for just above its cover price online, there is also a one in ten ratio variant that seems to be selling for $30 to $40!






That is your week in review! Let me know in the comments (or on social media)  if I missed any books you think are spec worthy!


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