Week in Review: May 1

DCeased #1
This week sees the release of the first issue of DC’s highly anticipated mini-series, Dceased. Dceased #1 doesn’t have any noteworthy sales but this Marvel Zombies rip-off series does have several store variants that are seeing a lot of attention on the secondary market. DC is also releasing the debut issue of “DC’s Year of the Villain“. This is a $0.25 book with several high ratio variant covers including a 1 in 100, 1 in 250 and a 1 in 500 variant cover.


Marvel Tales Avengers #1 has a Jen Bartel 1 in 50 virgin variant cover that like the Marvel Tales Thanos #1 is seeing some interest online. While the Thanos variant was selling for $140 to $150 on release it has since slumped down to $80 to $90.


There are two Source Point Press books that come out this week that both have had a handful of sales above cover price. Twiztid Haunted High Ons Darkness Rises #1 has a few sales ranging from $6 to $8. This is the second volume of this series so I don’t see these prices lasting. This week also sees the release of the Second Volume of the Rejected. This title has numerous store variants but there are a few sales on ebay floating around $10.

One last book that you should be thinking about is Trump Space Force #1. This book is written by industry legend Chuck Dixon and features artwork by Timothy Lim and Brett Smith of My Hero Magademia. Following an indigogo campaign that raised four times the original project goal, Trump Space Force #1 is being released by Antarctic Press this week.  This book has several sales online averaging $15.


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