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Django Unchained Sequel: Django / Zorro

Today news broke through Collider.com that Quentin Tarantino is teaming with American Comedian Jerrod Carmichael to develop a Django / Zorro film. The film is supposed to be based on the Django / Zorro comic book that was published by Dynamite and Vertigo Comics. The Django / Zorro comic series was published in November of 2014. The series was also

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Week in Review: May 1

This week sees the release of the first issue of DC’s highly anticipated mini-series, Dceased. Dceased #1 doesn’t have any noteworthy sales but this Marvel Zombies rip-off series does have several store variants that are seeing a lot of attention on the secondary market. DC is also releasing the debut issue of “DC’s Year of the Villain“. This is a

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Week in Review: April 3

This week sees the release of the highly anticipated Immortal Hulk #16. This book has a 1 in 25 ratio variant cover that has been heating up in presales over the past few weeks. While Marvel has announced a similar 1:25 ratio variant for the second print reprint of this issue, the first print variant has been selling for $130

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Week in Review: March 13

The week sees the release of the highly anticipated first issue of The Batman Who Laughs The Grim Knight. This book has several store variants as well as a very nice looking Gabriele Dell’Otto Cover B Variant cover. The Cover B has been hovering just above cover price with a lot of sales online.   This week seems to be

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Week in Review: February 20

There are two cover B variants to be looking for this week. Venom #11 features a Dave Gibbons Watchmen #1 Cover B homage variant that has been selling in presale for a few dollars above cover. Avengers #15 has a Captain Marvel cover B by Gerald Parel that has been selling for $10 to $15 online. There are two ratio

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