Week in Review: April 3

This week sees the release of the highly anticipated Immortal Hulk #16. This book has a immortal hulk 151 in 25 ratio variant cover that has been heating up in presales over the past few weeks. While Marvel has announced a similar 1:25 ratio variant for the second print reprint of this issue, the first print variant has been selling for $130 to $150. Its very possible the release of the second print variant will drop the value of this book, it all depends on what happens in this particular issue. Its also worth noting that the first print has been selling online for a few dollars above its $3.99 cover price. Another open order marvel book that has been selling online above its original cover price is the War of the Realms #1 J Scott Campbell cover.

Rob Liefeld releases his new Marvel comic book Major X #1 this week. This is a totally new character and this book features his first appearance. First prints of this book have sold out at the distribution level and first prints have been selling online for $9, almost double its $4.99 asking price. There is also a 1:25 variant cover that has been performing very well, selling for $40 to $60 online. I don’t think prices will hold on these books but depending on how marvel ends up using this character, the book could have legs down the road. There are also two Rob Liefeld exclusive cover variants that have pretty ridiculous asking prices. They can be found on Liefelds website.

Marvel is also releasing the fourth volume of there Marvel Team Up series. This first issue of the new series features Kamala Khan and Spider-Man. It also features two ratio variants. The 1:50 variant has one sale on ebay at $70. While there are copies available online for around the ratio price I believe overtime this book will appreciate in value. I also think this is the best cover to come out this week.

Another ratio variant that comes out this week that has been performing well on the secondary market comes from IDW. The 1:10 variant for the first issue of the new series Amber Blake has a few sales ranging from $17 to $20 with the most recent sale hitting $40 online.


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