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Week in Review: May 29

  This is a pretty slow week for comic speculation but there are still a few books you should be thinking about. Marvel is releasing another ratio variant cover for a later printing of a comic book. This week there is a 1 in 25 variant cover for the fourth print of Major X #1. This cover features the preliminary

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Week in Review: April 3

This week sees the release of the highly anticipated Immortal Hulk #16. This book has a 1 in 25 ratio variant cover that has been heating up in presales over the past few weeks. While Marvel has announced a similar 1:25 ratio variant for the second print reprint of this issue, the first print variant has been selling for $130

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Hollywood Daze: Prophet

Today the Hollywood Reporter came out with an article stating Rob Liefeld would be working in collaboration with Studio 8 to make a film based on his Image comic book series, Prophet. Studio 8 has some incredible films being released this year including the highly anticipated White Boy Rick film, staring Matthew Mcconaughey, about the youngest FBI undercover informant. Prophet

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