Hollywood Daze: Prophet

Today the Hollywood Reporter came out with an article stating Rob Liefeld would be working in collaboration with Studio 8 to make a film based on his Image comic book series, Prophet. Studio 8 has some incredible films being released this year including the highly anticipated White Boy Rick film, staring Matthew Mcconaughey, about the youngest FBI undercover informant.

Prophet first appeared in the Image Series Youngblood – debuting in 1992 in the pages of Youngblood Volume 1 #2. This book has a very large print run. Prophet had his own series published by Image that came out in 1993. The first appearance of Prophet has been flying off ebay – it has been selling for $3 to $5.


After a 12 year hiatus, Rob Liefeld allowed Brandon Graham and Simon Roy to relaunch the Prophet series through Image continuing the legacy numbering. Prophet #21 was released in 2012 as a new direction and ran for 24 issues. Prophet #21 was a surprise success catching most retailers off guard resulting in it having a relatively low print run. First prints of Prophet #21 have always sold well – today selling for $20 to $30. Second prints of Prophet #21 have also sold for a premium.

Since Youngblood #2 has such a high print run the books that should see the largest increase in growth should be from the Simon Roy / Brandon Graham run. These books have low print runs and completely changed the way people thought about the Prophet character.

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