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Week in Review: December 5

In terms of speculation there are a few variant covers that are seeing a lot of attention, one of them is the Uncanny X-Men #4 1:100 Variant cover. This cover features artwork by Mark Brooks – this isn’t the first time this artwork was published, this cover is reused artwork from a 2010 Sideshow statue. This variant has been selling

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Magazine Speculation Part 2: Warrior Magazine

As part of my new spec-ing on magazine series I have a new book to talk about. I’ve talked about this book before on numerous platforms but I don’t think I have fully discussed it here. This article is an excerpt from the Comic Book Scalping video series, “This week in Speculation.” This article originally appeared in episode 5. This

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Week in Review: July 25

I went very spoiler heavy in this post. This is your one and only spoiler warning. In this weeks issue of Venom,(Venom #4) it is reveled that the Symbiote god – first appearing in the previous issue was actually introduced in the marvel universe in 2012 in the Jason Aaron God of Thunder Thor series. Venom #4 has references panels

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Hollywood Daze: Prophet

Today the Hollywood Reporter came out with an article stating Rob Liefeld would be working in collaboration with Studio 8 to make a film based on his Image comic book series, Prophet. Studio 8 has some incredible films being released this year including the highly anticipated White Boy Rick film, staring Matthew Mcconaughey, about the youngest FBI undercover informant. Prophet

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Hollywood Daze: A roundup of Comic movies no one asked for

J. Scott Campbell’s Danger Girl was very popular when it was released in 1998. How popular? Two years after its release there Sony released a Danger Girl video game for the playstation one console. This week it was announced that Constantin films, the company responsible for the 1994 Fantastic Four movie and subsequently owns the production rights to any Fantastic

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Week in Review: October 18

This has been a slow week for comic speculation but there are two interesting books I’d like you to know about. This week saw the release of Kid Lobotomy #1 from IDWs new Black Crown imprint. There was a 250 limited NYCC variant and this book was previewed in the free Black Crown preview comic released a few weeks ago

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