Week in Review: July 25

I went very spoiler heavy in this post. This is your one and only spoiler warning.

In this weeks issue of Venom,(Venom #4) it is reveled that the Symbiote god – first appearing in the previous issue was actually introduced in the marvel universe in 2012 in the Jason Aaron God of Thunder Thor series. Venom #4 has references panels that refer back to events from God of Thunder: Thor #6. Almost every copy of God of Thunder Thor #6 has disappeared from online marketplaces with the only listings on ebay being no reserve auctions. God of Thunder : Thor #6 is a book to be looking for – but it very well may not be the first appearance of this character – who very likely appears earlier in the run. It is not clear if the God of the Symbiote character and Gorr are one in the same. Something else to keep in mind – This news kills any speculation future Venom #3 might have had.


Something to think about: Pictures above  is the sword Gorr wields in The Jason Aaron God of Thunder Thor run. Seems like its very likely he is the god of the symbiotes – first appearance is Thor God of Thunder #2.



Infinity Wars: Prime #1 features the first appearance of a new character on the cover and inside the issue. This new character, Requiem, seems to be an established Marvel character taking on a new role. In this issue, Requiem is able to slay Thanos, cutting his head off. While the regular covers have no recorded sales above cover the 1:25 ratio variant has been selling well online and seems to be trending upwards. This would be a good book to be holding onto.


Another book that comes out this week is Teen Titans #20. The speculation train started on this book when DC announced it would be the first appearance of Lobo’s daughter Crush when retailers could still order it. While this book does have a larger print run the 1:25 ratio variant cover has been selling for $50 to $60.

One last book to look for is the Natali Sanders Cover D for Barbella #8. This book has been selling for $6 to $10.



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