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Weekend Update with Nico

The following article has been written by Comic Book Speculation Dot Com writer, Nico. Read more articles from Nico here. This is your Weekend Update! Guess who’s back … back again …   James Gunn has been reinstated at the helm of Guardians of Galaxy 3.  The information was first reported by Deadline and has now been confirmed by representatives

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Week in Review: February 20

There are two cover B variants to be looking for this week. Venom #11 features a Dave Gibbons Watchmen #1 Cover B homage variant that has been selling in presale for a few dollars above cover. Avengers #15 has a Captain Marvel cover B by Gerald Parel that has been selling for $10 to $15 online. There are two ratio

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Week in Review: February 13

This week see the release of two books that are already selling very well online. The Devils #1 (which was discussed on the Comic Book Wars Podcast in December) has been selling for $13 to $15 online. This book was initially slated for release at the end of 2018 however the book was pushed back. This is a one-shot comic

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Week in Review: February 6

This past weekend we were graced with a few Superbowl Superhero advertisements. One that stood out was the Captain Marvel movie spot. Something to think about, This trailer was heavily based around the phrase Higher, Further, Faster. Higher, Further, Faster is the title of the story arc featured in the Second Volume (published in 2014) of Captain Marvel written by

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Week in review: January 30

This week there are a few books you should be thinking about. This week sees the release of WWE Forever #1. This book has two regular covers and a special Boom Studios unlocked ratio variant. If retailers ordered 15 or more copies they would unlock a special one-per store virgin variant cover. While this book currently does not have any

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Magazine Watch: Fangoria Volume 2 #2

When Fangoria relaunched in September I wrote a post detailing the first issue of the new volume, which is still selling well online. Last week saw the release of issue 2, like with the first issue it has sold out at the distribution level and has been selling for $30 to $45 online.   This title is not a title

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