Week in Review: February 13

This week see the release of two books that are already selling very well online.

thedevils1The Devils #1 (which was discussed on the Comic Book Wars Podcast in December) has been selling for $13 to $15 online. This book was initially slated for release at the end of 2018 however the book was pushed back. This is a one-shot comic book and for some reason there is a IMDB page set up for “The Devils” – stating the movie has a release date of June 2019. Is this a real IMDB page? Can anyone just set up an IMDB page? There are no reports that this title has been optioned so its peculiar discovery.

Exciting Comics #1


Another Antarctic Press book that comes out this week that has been seeing a lot of interest online is Exciting Comics Volume 2 #1. This book has six covers, all with different suggested retail prices. The regular Cover A has a $1.99 cover price and a handful of sales ranging from $10 to $15. The regular Cover A was originally solicited as a New Mutants #87 homage cover – for some reason the cover changed before going to print.

The highly anticipated Adam Hughes 1:50 variant cover for Avengers no Road Home #1 comes out this week. While this book did have some presale sales at $60 to $80, it has currently dropped down to $50. This book has no store variants and it has great growth for future potential.


avengers no road home #1


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