Week in Review: February 6

This past weekend we were graced with a few Superbowl Superhero advertisements. One that stood out was the Captain Marvel movie spot. Something to think about, This trailer was heavily based around the phrase Higher, Further, Faster. Higher, Further, Faster is the title of the story arc featured in the Second Volume (published in 2014) of Captain Marvel written by Kelly Sue Deconnick.


This week sees the release of two books that have been selling well online,

The first one is Magical Beatdown #1. This book has numerous sales online for between $13 to $20. This book was originally a self-published zine you could only purchase directly from the creator, Jenn Woodall. The original zine had at least four printings and say “friendship edition press” on the back cover. The books coming out this week through Diamond say “Silver Sprocket”.




Another book that has been selling well is the cover B for Harley Quinn #58. This book features a horizontal cover by Derrick Chew. While this book has sold out from most online comic stores, This book has been selling for between $8 and $12 on ebay.





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  • How bout that Tony Stark Iron Man #8 beautiful cover

    • This weeks Tony Stark Iron Man #8 is one of the more beautiful symbolic covers I’ve seen in a while. It’s got very little love, however people have gobbled issues up on the secondary market. Perhaps this is because Harley Quinn #58 and Magical Beatdown#1 have garnered most of the attention this week. This cover draws back to the Iron Man #128 “Demon in a Bottle.” If they would’ve thrown a Winston’s Supreme Canadian logo and made a virgin variant it probably could have done better. The cover attracts multiple outlets; whisky drinkers, great cover art, and a little known artist in Lozano.
      What are your thoughts?

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