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Week in Review: February 6

This past weekend we were graced with a few Superbowl Superhero advertisements. One that stood out was the Captain Marvel movie spot. Something to think about, This trailer was heavily based around the phrase Higher, Further, Faster. Higher, Further, Faster is the title of the story arc featured in the Second Volume (published in 2014) of Captain Marvel written by

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Hollywood Spotlight: The Boys

The Boys was originally published in 2006 under the DC creator owned, Wildstorm label. The series is based around a team, “The Boys”, that police super-heroes (except the super-heroes are a lot more adult). DC cancelled the series after issue 6, for what Garth Ennis described as “anti-hero” content. The series was later continued by Dynamite Entertainment for its 72

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Hollywood Catch Up

Three points of interest- Two catch-up notes and one new point of interest. CBC – The Canadian Broadcast Company announced a few weeks ago that they were adapting Jeff Lemire’s Essex County for an original animated series. There had been rumblings about this happening for the past few months but only recently has CBC confirmed they were moving ahead with the project. This

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