Magazine Watch: Fangoria Volume 2 #2

When Fangoria relaunched in September I wrote a post detailing the first issue of the new volume, which is still selling well online. Last week saw the release of issue 2, like with the first issue it has sold out at the distribution level and has been selling for $30 to $45 online.


This title is not a title that is over ordered, this is mainly because of the actions of the previous owners who caused the book to have major delays and cancellations causing many retailers to lose faith in the title. There are still a few stores online where you can order this magazine for its $19.99 cover price, including the Fangoria website where you can purchase a yearly subscription for $60.In the last week copies of the first issue in the new volume have sold for between $50 to $120, if issue #2 is anything like the first issue, it will be a book you’ll want to be picking up and holding onto.

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