Hollywood Daze: A roundup of Comic movies no one asked for

J. Scott Campbell’s Danger Girl was very popular when it was released in 1998. How popular? Two years after its release there Sony released a Danger Girl video game for the playstation one console. This week it was announced that Constantin films, the company responsible for the 1994 Fantastic Four movie and subsequently owns the production rights to any Fantastic Four film, has acquired the film rights to Danger Girl. For years people have been chasing the Danger Girl variant covers because many of them feature great J. Scott Campbell artwork while having low print runs. There is even a recalled cover (read more here). While people have been chasing the variants there hasn’t been a lot of love for the first appearance of Danger Girl Team.

The Danger Girl team first appeared in The Danger Girl Preview published in December of 1997 – there are three covers to this book including a limited edition Gold logo foil cover. All three of these book are books to be looking for – The Danger Girl preview was not sold to stores it was distributed in polybag copies of Gen 13 #25 (December, 1997) and Dv8 #14 (January, 1998). The white covers are American Entertainment variants which were sold as mail away special edition variants – all of these covers have publication dates of December 1997.



Another weird Hollywood announcement that came out this week is that Marvel has a X-Men film in development where James Franco has signed on to play Jamie Madrox, The Multiple Man. The first appearance of Multiple Man is Giant Size Fantastic Four 4. For a silver age book that features a first appearance, Giant Size Fantastic Four #4 is currently very reasonable priced.


One other Hollywood announcement that I should have spoken about earlier is that Sony is developing a Morbius, The Living Vampire film. Morbius first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #101. Amazing Spider-Man #101 has sold well in high grade for some time but much like with the Venom film announcement, Amazing Spider-Man #101 has started to skyrocket off ebay. Even low grade copies of ASM #101 have started selling in the triple digits, this is a book to keep an eye on.



Happy Speculating
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  • blind adam the comicpimp

    thanks jimmy. i belive x-factor #71 should bbe ont he pimp radar. between this anoucment and the gifted #71 second print i will now buy alltthe gen 13 #25&dv8 #14 danger girls would make a great porn pardary #testify . might have to make that happen. the s.d.c.c.&chrome #1 and preview books are worth the hunt. there is also a marvel tales reprint of amazing spider-man #101 forget the issue number. thank youf or all thatyou do jimmy your #awesomesauce
    blind adam the comicpimp out

  • Yeah, I know when I demand a Marvel movie, I am really demanding more Multiple Man!… Also, who screams the superhero type more than James Franco…..Odd choices all around on this one.

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