Week in Review: May 29


This is a pretty slow week for comic speculation but there are still a few books you should be thinking about.

Marvel is releasing another ratio variant cover for a later printing of a comic book. This week there is a 1 in 25 variant cover for the fourth print of Major X #1. This cover features the preliminary sketch by Rob Liefeld for the first print cover of issue #1. This variant cover has been selling online for $50 to $60.

Major X #1

This week sees the release of Comixtribe’s Wailing Blade #1. This book was originally published through a sucessfully funded kickstarter campaign. This book has two covers with a $4.99 cover price. This book seems to be trending around $7 to $8 online. There are a few store variant covers including a 2018 New York Comic Con exclusive variant.

Wailing Blade #1

Another indie book that has been seeing some interest online is She Said Destroy #1 from Vault Comics. The cover B for this book is a homage cover to the image series Saga. This cover B variant has just a few sales hovering just above cover price.

She Said Destroy #1
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