Week in Review: March 20


Naomi3This week sees the release of Naomi #3 from DC Comics. Naomi #1 and #2 started seeing a lot of interest in the last few weeks.  Naomi #2 has been trending online for around $10 and issue #1 has been trending around $10 to $15. Issue #1 also has a Cover B variant that has been selling for around $20.  Final Order Cut-off for this issue was before Naomi started heating up online. Naomi #3 has sold out at the retail level and if past performance of previous issues of this title are any indication of hotness, this week, this is a book to be looking for.

Last week saw the release of Avengers: No Road Home #5. This book features a two page appearance from Conan the Barbarian. Recently this book has been getting a lot of attention online. Marvel had solicited Avengers: No Road Home #6 as “An extra-long Conan epic like you’ve never seen before!”. Avengers No Road Home #5 Regular Cover  is selling online for $5 to $10 while the issue #6 (released this week) has been selling for just under double of its original cover price, trending around $8. These books do not take place in the 616 Marvel Universe – I don’t think these books have any kind of long term value. If you are interested in my take on Modern Conan speculation, I made a video detailing how I feel about it and you can watch it here.


This week also sees the release of Immortal Hulk #15. This book has two covers, both by Alex Ross. This title has been selling online for double to triple cover. Both books seem to be trending up.


There is one more book you should be thinking about this week. Ten copies of Rise #1 from Scout Comics have sold online for $8 each. This book also has a 1:10 variant cover that has one or two sales online at $20.



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