Django Unchained Sequel: Django / Zorro

Today news broke through that Quentin Tarantino is teaming with American Comedian Jerrod Carmichael to develop a Django / Zorro film. The film is supposed to be based on the Django / Zorro comic book that was published by Dynamite and Vertigo Comics.

Django Zorro #1 A

The Django / Zorro comic series was published in November of 2014. The series was also written by Quentin Tarantino and Matt Wagner. The first issue of the series features eight covers –  two regular covers and six special order variant covers including a “Rare Jae Lee Virgin Art Edition” cover as well as a 1 in 50 Jae Lee Sketch variant.




Django’s first comic appearance was in Django Unchained #1 published by DC Comics through the Vertigo Comics imprint in early 2013. This book also had a 1 in 25 Jim Lee ratio variant cover. The first print of this book quickly sold out which resulted in second and third print variant covers that feature different variations of the Jim Lee variant cover artwork.





While I don’t think this movie will ever see the light of day and will most likely stay in post production for some time, the Django / Zorro comic books are moving online which makes them great books to be looking for.

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