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Hollywood Daze: The Micronauts

Earlier Today The Hollywood Reporter Announced that the Micronauts were on there way to the big screen. Read more.

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Spotlight on the time the Punisher smoked synthetic Crack

Space In a speculative world where people jump on first appearances like New Guardians #2 – the first appearance of Snow Flame – a villain fueled by his use of cocaine, I thought it would be fun to explore the time the Punisher, Frank Castle, smoked what appeared to be crack.  The Punisher has been many things in the various

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Django Unchained Sequel: Django / Zorro

Today news broke through Collider.com that Quentin Tarantino is teaming with American Comedian Jerrod Carmichael to develop a Django / Zorro film. The film is supposed to be based on the Django / Zorro comic book that was published by Dynamite and Vertigo Comics. The Django / Zorro comic series was published in November of 2014. The series was also

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Magazine Rundown: FANGORIA

Most Horror and comic fan-zines have a rocky publication history. Usually these magazines either go bankrupt within a few years of launching or they go through numerous ownerships, various revamping’s and product shipping delays. Since its inception in 1979 by Starlog Magazines. Most of those listed issues have plagued Fangoria magazine. The heyday for Fangoria magazine was the late 80’s

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Hollyweird Continued

Over the last few years Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise has built a cult audience. The first appearance of the series, Strangers in Paradise #1 has a notoriously low print run – this year, high grade copies of this book have sold for $300 to $400. I would expect that to change as today it was announced on the Hollywood

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