Magazine Rundown: FANGORIA

Most Horror and comic fan-zines have a rocky publication history. Usually these magazines either go bankrupt within a few years of launching or they go through numerous ownerships, various revamping’s and product shipping delays. Since its inception in 1979 by Starlog Magazines. Most of those listed issues have plagued Fangoria magazine.


The heyday for Fangoria magazine was the late 80’s early 90’s when it became the most prominent horror pop culture magazine. Over the last few years Fangoria has had difficulty securing ad-revenue which has resulted in difficulties with paying for printing and publishing the magazine. Earlier this year it was announced that Cinestate an American company based in Texas had purchased Fangoria and would be relaunching a revamped version of the magazine. It was later announced that Fangoria would be coming back in 2018 as a quarterly magazine with four issues published annually.

The first issue of Fangoria sells for anywhere from $50 to $100 and features a really dynamic Godzilla cover. The newly launched issue of Fangoria, Labeled as Fangoria issue #349 And Volume 2 #1 – published after a three year hiatus is a double-size issue featuring a new Michael Myers Halloween cover. The newly launched Fangoria issue has sold out at the distribution level and for the past few days has been selling online for $50 to $80.

fangoria vol21
Fangoria Volume 2 #1 (or issue #349 chronologically) – was released on October 10, 2018, has a cover price of $20 and is a book you should be looking for.


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