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Over the last few years Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise has built a cult audience. The first appearance of the series, Strangers in Paradise #1 has a notoriously low print run – this year, high grade copies of this book have sold for $300 to $400. I would expect that to change as today it was announced on the Hollywood Reporter that writer / director Angela Robinson has teamed with Terry Moore to bring Strangers in Paradise to the big screen. No studio seems to have optioned the series, or at least it has not been announced, but Moore and Robinson are intent on making this project happen.

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Strangers in Paradise has a few #1’s and a few #1 reprints – the book to look for and the first appearance of the main character and title is Strangers in Paradise #1 published in 1993 by Antartic Press. This book was later reprinted a few times by Homage Studios (a Image Comics imprint).


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  • I recently received my SS SIP back from CBCS. After a press, my 8.5 came back a 9. Hard to find 1st prints. Even harder to find high grade copies with the black cover.

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