Hollywood Daze: The Micronauts


Earlier today The Hollywood Reporter ran an exclusive story detailing how Dean Deblois, director of the How to Train Your Dragon film trilogy will be making a Micronauts film for Paramount Pictures and Hasbro.


The Micronauts were a science fiction based children’s toy line from the 1970s produced and marketed by the Mego Company. The property has since been purchased and acquired by Hasbro Toys. In 1979 Marvel produced a comic book series based on the popular toys.

Since News broke about the film copies of the first Micronauts comic have flown off most online market places. Most of the remaining copies are over-priced new listings or listed as comic auctions. The Micronauts #1 is still a book that can be acquired in the wild for much lower than what it is currently selling for online. This book also features the first appearances of many characters in the Micronauts universe.

Micronauts #1

While you’re digging for Micronauts books don’t forget that Micronauts #8 features the first appearance of Captain Universe. Marvel owns all of the rights to this character and it won’t be appearing in the film but I have found that you can usually find copies in the wild for much lower than what they sell for online.
Micronauts #8

While I doubt the Micronauts new will move the needle like the Eternals news has, I do think the Micronauts Books have great room for growth.

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  • 84 sales of Micronauts #1 in the past 24 hours. This movie will be garbage if it even gets made. Im happy with my $12 sale of a raw 6.0. Get down with your bad selves weird comic buyers lol

    • Yeah, its good to see it move, but not being connected to the MCU will keep it from being the next Eternals. I guess it is seeing a moderate spike, but after the hype wears down prices will go down.

  • Because only MCU connected movies are any good? Come on now. Transformers is a multi billion dollar franchise and had arguably 1 to 2 good films so far. If they still end up tyng all of the Hasbro properties together there will be plenty of interest in these 1st appearances with the caveat that these print runs were pretty big and most of them had Whitman reprints as well. So to that I say, congrats on your $12 sale and here’s to hoping the buyer gets a $40+ sale in a year or 2.

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