Week in Review: June 12



In Marvel’s infinite wisdom this week they have released two new secret chase variant covers. These books feature “bloody” trade dress variants. The books in question are Symbiote Spider-Man #3 and this week’s War of the realms tie in issue of Venom #15. Previously Marvel did this for Avengers #682 and Venom #7. These variants are currently selling well above cover selling on average for $10 to $15.

Silver Surfer Black #1 Parel
This week sees the release of the highly anticipated Donny Cates mini-series, Silver Surfer: Black. The first issue of this series has numerous ratio variants and more than a dozen different store variants. Jumping right out of his Cosmic Ghost Rider series, speculators and comic readers alike have been looking forward to what this book will mean to the Marvel universe. In April we briefly covered the rumored first appearance of this “new” character in our article, “Word?!?! First appearance of Donny Cates’ New Silver Surfer: THE FALLEN ONE“.

The fourth issue of Amber Blake is released by IDW this week. This magazine sized comic book has been getting a lot of attention on the secondary market. Each issue has a 1 in 10 ratio variant cover and all of them have been performing well online. This week the 1 in 10 variant for Amber Blake #4 has been selling for $25 to $30. This week IDW is also releasing a second printing of the first issue. While the 1 in 10 variant for Amber Blake’s first print issue #1 has been selling for around $75, the first print $3.99 cover price issue #1 regular cover has been selling online for $12 to $14.

Another book that is released this week that has been seeing a lot of attention online is DC’s Catwoman #12 Cover B variant. This book features what can best be described as a throwback cover by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.

Catwoman #12


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