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Magazine Speculation Part 6: Nintendo Power

Parts of this post originally appeared in the Comic Book Scalping video series, “This week in Speculation.” Excerpts from this article originally appeared in episode 9. This video and more can be found on our youtube channel. One magazine that I would like to spotlight in my Magazine Speculation series is Nintendo Power magazine. The first issue of Nintendo Power

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More Cover B’s?!

A common theme this year has been the performance of Cover B variants. Last week’s Justice League #8 Jim Lee cover b has been steadily selling for $10 and even the Marvel cover B for Venom First Host #5 has been selling for $8 to $10. This week is no exception – these are just two cover B variants that

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Tuesday Morning Speculation

I didn’t do a post last week. Does that mean I’m going to do more posts this week? Perhaps. Here are a few talking points, Here is a book that hasn’t really been talked about since October when it was released, He Man – Thunder Cats #1. The First print of this book has two covers, both are selling well

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Week in Review: DONALD TRUMP

This has been a very slow month for comic speculation but there are two things this week that stand up. Donald Trump is the president. But did you know that there was a comic book that came out in 1990 that eerily featured aspects of life in 2016. This isn’t the first comic book appearance of Donald Trump- CORRECTION: Donald

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Week in Review: October 4

This week sees the release of the new Black Mask series, Black, and the debut issue has sold out at the distributor and is going for a second printing before even going on sale. This book seems to be selling well at cover and is trending upwards but hasn’t sold for more then a dollar above cover. This week’s book

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Hot Shot Run Down

Deadpool back in black #1 comes out next month, a series based around the Venom symbiote taking over Deadpool. A cool concept but when was its first appearance? Cable and Deadpool #50 – the last issue in that series is the first appearance of Deadpool as Venom. This book came out in 2008 – three years before the What if

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