Tuesday Morning Speculation

I didn’t do a post last week. Does that mean I’m going to do more posts this week? Perhaps.

Here are a few talking points,

Here is a book that hasn’t really been talked about since October when it was released, He Man – Thunder Cats #1. The First print of this book has two covers, both are selling well on the secondary market with the Cover B selling for $10 to $14 and Cover A selling for $20 to $25. There is also a second print and a coloring book variant that are not seeing any love online.

These are books that many stores sold out of upon release but is still under the radar enough that you might be able to pick up a few copies

While we’re on the subject of He-man. This New He-Man on Battle Cat Dorbz Funko is selling for $75 online but limited quantities are still available on the Funko site at a strict one per order for $25!

Monday saw Disney announce the name of the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. This will be the eighth Star Wars film. Brought to my attention by Drew Lujan on CBSI, The Last Jedi first appeared in the Marvel comic book, Star Wars #49. This was also reported by Bleedingcool so expect sales of this book to start trending upwards while any copies in the wild start to dry up.


Last week saw the release of five retailer incentive variants. Unlike ratio variants these were variants sent to every retailer if they ordered any copies of a certain book. Image Comics Curse Words #1 Gold Foil Cover, Boom Studios WWE Gold Belt #1, Marvel Comics Monsters Island #1, Marvel Comics Mighty Captain Marvel #1 and the Batman TPB Jim Lee cover. Unlike the other retailer variants The Batman Jim Lee TPB was only sent to retailers that ordered 5 or more copies of the new Batman TPB. Many retailers still have single issues of these books which resulted in this trade paper back being under ordered and many stores did not receive this variant.

To my knowledge this is the first time DC has ever done a Trade Paper back. This book is currently selling for $50 to $100. Long term this will be a good book to be holding on to.

Happy Speculating
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