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So I talked about this briefly last month, but next week sees the release of the new Howard the Duck series with an all-new Gwen-Pool (Gwen Stacy / Deadpool Mashup) back-up story. There appears to be five variant covers for this book (pending release date November 4 2015) but the clear winner already is the Howard the Duck Volume 6 #1 1:25 Gwen-Pool cover, the only cover featuring a solo Gwen Stacy / Deadpool.

latest-1This book has had multiple sales in the past few days at the $80 point. This 1:25 ratio variant is one to be looking for. Where as her first appearance Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 Gwen Pool cover is selling for $25 to $40 in near mint condition, this is her first actual story outside of a cover and should go up in value based on how Marvel uses the character down the line.

Screen shot 2015-10-28 at 7.01.59 PMAlso Forbidden Planet Comics has exclusive 451 Comics variant covers, first prints available on there website for $7! Great books to be picking up! 

Happy Speculating
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