Week In Review: June 17 , 2015


This week sees another Vertigo / Mad Max book being released, Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa. I talked about the pervious Mad Max Vertigo title here.


Max Max Fury Road Furiosa #1 is a one-shot that has sold out at Diamond days before it was to be released ( on June 17). This book is already selling for $10 in ebay presale and still has some room for growth. The previous Max Max Fury Road #1 sold for up to $30, it currently sells for around $15 to $18 which is still a jump from its $5.99 cover price however these arn’t books to be sitting on as they seem to have a small sales window of opportunity. Unlike the previous Max Max book, Furiosa #1 has a blank variant cover – based on the current popularity of Max Max this book has a lot of potential.

Screen shot 2015-06-16 at 9.51.33 PM

Another book that goes on sale on June 17 that has already sold out at Diamond is Minions #1 from Titan publishing. Still riding on the five year success of the 2010 Despicable Me film and its tie-in / sequel films, Minions #1 is already preselling for $10 on ebay! If the recently released limited edition Minion Tic Tacs are any sign of heat, retailing for $1.50 and selling for $10 on ebay – The Minions have a huge following and this book will have a strong following for some time.


Happy Speculating!

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  • Hey it might b worth mentioning about ASM #3 RENEW YOUR VOWS VARIANT from comics xposure venom gwen cover homage to ASM 678 selling out quickly will be released around mid August

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