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WORD?! Batman / Superman News ?

Possible Spoilers. This week a Reddit user claimed to have seen the new Batman / Superman movie claiming it “was good” – Bleedingcool did a write up with spoilers. One thing Bleedingcool didn’t talk about was the rumoured inclusion of the Justice League. This wouldn’t be a big surprise for the Justice League to arrive in the upcoming Batman /

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Week in Review: November 17

Two points of interest this week, All an old-news catch-up Image’s Monstress #1 came out two weeks ago and has since sold out at diamond, is heading back to the printer for a second print and has Comicsheatingup.net said a few days ago, has been selling for double cover plus! This book is currently a $10 book! This book has been getting

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Week In Review: June 17 , 2015

This week sees another Vertigo / Mad Max book being released, Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa. I talked about the pervious Mad Max Vertigo title here. Max Max Fury Road Furiosa #1 is a one-shot that has sold out at Diamond days before it was to be released ( on June 17). This book is already selling for $10 in

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First and foremost – shout out to Mark Cook and Ehab IDW has been doing some weird stuff recently with there on-going staple series. First TMNT now G.I. Joe has a main character’s death. Snake Eyes has reportedly been killed in todays recent issue of G. I. Joe resulting in the book selling out on Diamond. G. I. Joe #212 has

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O’Really Factor: Superman Adventures #20

Why are people saying that Superman Adventures #20 is the first appearance of Volcana? AKA Claire Selto? After being told by Yanni Gogolak that Volcana doesn’t appear in the book I looked for myself. Has Volcana ever appeared in the DC Universe Comics? Please comment with your opinion below! Sonic has just been optioned for a film. (Super Mario Brothers anybody?) I don’t think

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O’Really Factor: Sonic #1 and Weird Love #1

A book to look out for is the IDW Yoe Weird Love #1 – like its Haunted Horror #1 predecessor, it has sold out on diamond and has a very low print run, (5900), if this book is anything like the previous Yow IDW #1 you should try to buy as many as you can for under $5. Sonic the hedgehog

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