Week in Review: November 17

Two points of interest this week, All an old-news catch-up

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Image’s Monstress #1 came out two weeks ago and has since sold out at diamond, is heading back to the printer for a second print and has Comicsheatingup.net said a few days ago, has been selling for double cover plus! This book is currently a $10 book! This book has been getting rave reviews for its interior artwork so you never know how long its shelf life might last! This is a book to be looking for!

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Another book to be looking for that comes out this week and has already sold out at the distributor is Hero Hour #1. This book has been selling out at almost every presale comic website and has had a few sales around the $7 mark on ebay. This book has potential to be the book of the week!


One book that is seeing interest because of Marvel’s Contest of Champions storyline is Marvels, What If #4 – this book is a tough book in near mint condition and has been for some time because of its a early spider-man symbiotic suit cover – However, this book also features the first time Hulk is possessed by Venom. This book like What if #10 (What if Jane Foster had become Thor – First lady thor) will most likely jump up in price and than fall back to reality. Still a possible short term winner!

Happy Speculating
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  • There is also a JCPenney exclusive version of this book. The print run is much smaller. I would think that a variant would be the book to go for.

  • Yeah, I picked up one of the JC Penny variants when I first heard that this book was heating up. What If #4 also has Venom/Thor as well, so if marvel does something with Hulk or Thor as Venom this could be a good book…. Long term only if Marvel does something crazy, which they seem to do more often than not these days. Crazy doesn’t always mean smart though…We’ll see.

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