First and foremost – shout out to Mark Cook and Ehab

IDW has been doing some weird stuff recently with there on-going staple series. First TMNT now G.I. Joe has a main character’s death. Snake Eyes has reportedly been killed in todays recent issue of G. I. Joe resulting in the book selling out on Diamond.
G. I. Joe #212 has two regular covers, A cover A and a subscription cover as well as a Emerald City Comic Con Convention variant.

GI-Joe-RAH212-covSUB-55d7f STK665099

There have been no sales online about $5 for the regular books however these are trending upwards and a second print is imminent. This book has a lot of the same potential of TMNT #44.

This is not a book to be holding onto as a long term investment.
The Emerald City Comic Con variant is still available on the ECCC official website for $20 each. 

GI_Joe-RAH212-covRE reduced

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  • I picked this book up and at the end Snake eye’s heading into battle and the story ends to be continued 213. I saw no death panel in those last 3 or 4 pages.

  • correct me if I’m wrong as I flip through I saw no death

  • Rumor has it he dies in 214. It’s a comic book “death” though. Flip it quick.

  • Cover says death of snake eyes. I don’t read IDW.
    Guess this is just the first part of the storyline, However, it seems to be jumping all over the place on ebay auctions.

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