O’Really Factor: Sonic #1 and Weird Love #1

A book to look out for is the IDW Yoe Weird Love #1 – like its Haunted Horror #1 predecessor, it has sold out on diamond and has a very low print run, (5900), if this book is anything like the previous Yow IDW #1 you should try to buy as many as you can for under $5.


Sonic the hedgehog comics usually sell for ridiculous amounts of money in near mint condition, two books to look out for that are usually under the radar until pointed out are Justice League of Europe #33 and Detective Comics #639 – both were published before Sonic #1 AND both have a preview of the Sonic comic, making it the first appearance. These books usually sell for around $20 but Justice League of Europe #33 is more known than Detective Comics #639. These two books are easy Dollar or Three Dollar finds with peak ebay sales of $40 each!


Happy Speculating

Other Notes:

Tress #1 Comes out this week. Looks really solid!




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