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Hollywood Daze: Wonder-Jesus

Big news came out today from the Millar World Camp. The movies rights of both Supercrocks and American Jesus have been purchased by Waypoint Entertainment. American Jesus was originally published by Dark Horse as Chosen, a three part mini-series later reprinted as a $10 graphic novel by Image comics and rebranded as “American Jesus”. This is important because Chosen came

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Spoilers: THE CW / Walking Dead

*WARNING* This post is going to be filled with spoilers – mostly pertaining to the AMC Walking Dead television series. If you care about the plot and content of the AMC Walking Dead TV Show, this post might not be for you. Be sure to have kept up to date before continuing reading. The long awaited question walking dead fans

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Week in Review: November 26 / Black Friday

This weeks seems to be all about two things, second issues and black friday deals. 451 media seems to keep bringing the fire, with the second issue of Self Storage already hitting close to $10 on the secondary market and steadily selling for double cover – this book could have legs. One book that has received a lot of speculation

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Week In Review: July 9 , 2015

This week a new walking dead book came out with huge spoilers. But there are a few other things I haven’t talked about that I would like to highlight. This week Dark Horse Comics announced right before SDCC that they have partnered with Universal Cable Productions to develop a few of their properties into TV-shows. There are three titles in

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Week in Review: June 1st HEAT

Trying to get back onto a regular posting schedule (while also bringing that Radiation related WHITE HEAT), here are some books you should be looking for and thinking about. Five books to think about. 1. Spider-Man Renew Your Vows: J Scott Campbell Website Exclusive (Available here) This is the first time J. Scott Campbell has produced and funded a variant cover

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Hollywood Daze (AGAIN?!): Empire of the Dead

A lot of titles have been getting picked up for TV or movie developement lately so I try not to report on them unless the book starts exploding or is starting to heat up. On Thursday news came out that George Romero’s Empire of the Dead, published by Marvel, was being developed into a television series. On thursday copies of Empire of

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