Week in Review: November 26 / Black Friday

This weeks seems to be all about two things, second issues and black friday deals.

451 media seems to keep bringing the fire, with the second issue of Self Storage already hitting close to $10 on the secondary market and steadily selling for double cover – this book could have legs.

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One book that has received a lot of speculation attention is Aimgo comics Straitjacket. Issue 2 came out this week and a lot of sites are pandering their “reported” 500 print run of the issue. This should be regarded as a false flag – the print run is much higher than 500 for this issue, the book will have a considerably lower print run than the first issue, which was under ordered and had a smaller print run, however the 500 reported print run is beyond a fallacy at this point. This book has been selling for $10 to $15 and is this weeks pump and dump winner.



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Hot Topic is releasing four exclusive Funko Pop’s on friday in store (and available online on saturday) – this item is limited to 10 per person and is a mystery box that contains either a Grey Superman, a Grey Joker or a Grey Flash Figure – all exclusive to this box, there is also a Chase Variant – this is reported to be some kind of Harley Quinn – since the box is a blind box you won’t know what you get until you open the item. Some websites are reporting that this will be live tonight on the Hot Topic website – something to watch for as the official announcement was a online sale date of Saturday.


Another mystery box Funko is being released by Game Stop (in the US) and EB Games (in Canada) – With 5 different Game Stop Funko Pops and the chance to get a Gold figures – they are offering a Funko Box for $24.99. Great Spec Value on these boxes! (Most Gamestops / Eb Games open at 8:00 AM on friday!)

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As is the trend with black friday, Skybound is the sure winner, offering exclusive items just for that day. Two Items to be sure to check out are the SAGA Lying Cat Statue – limited quantities available with a price tag of $70 – this will be the first non comic collector item from the Saga series. Skybound is also offering a set of the SDCC anniversary set as blue line art variants – these are sure to have great flip potential. The Link to the sale when live can be found here. 

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Happy Speculating
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