Hollywood Daze (AGAIN?!): Empire of the Dead


A lot of titles have been getting picked up for TV or movie developement lately so I try not to report on them unless the book starts exploding or is starting to heat up. On Thursday news came out that George Romero’s Empire of the Dead, published by Marvel, was being developed into a television series. On thursday copies of Empire of the Dead #1, (a three part mini-series told in “acts”) was a $10 book, and a signed CGC 9.8 SS that was on ebay for the last year finally sold for $200. Fast forward to today, raw copies of this book are selling for $50 to $150.

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George Romero’s Empire of the Dead #1 has two variant covers a 1:25 Frank Cho and a 1:75 Arthur Suydam. Both of these books were hard to find when they came out because this book wasn’t ordered in that high of a number on initial release. Those are the books that are going to be the most sought after. Those and Signature Series George Romero. This is a book you don’t want to be holding onto right now because prices are getting crazy and they have a high potential of crashing.

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Dakoit Cave did a pretty good article about this before me, so I am clearly riding his coat tails. Check it out by click on this! 

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  • Hey I just wanted to mention that everybody is over looking this comic book and that’s Marvel Team Up #100 it’s the 1st appearance of Karma. She was the first member choose by Professor X to join the NEW MUTANTS..her 2nd appearance and 1st appearance as a member of the NEW MUTANTS was in MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL #4 1982


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